Warsian’s Society

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As the homoeopathy way of treatment is not only the science but also the art of manufacturing drugs and diagnosing the ailments. By keeping in view this philosophy of homeopathy, we the W.S group proudly announcing a platform for our warsian’s to execute their scientific ideas in an artistic way.
Inaugural Date: 28.02.2014
Inagurated By: Prof. Dr.Iftikhar Hussain Waris
1. Society will arrange events regarding curricular & extracurricular activities.
2. A tradition will be set to say welcome to junior class by seniors and bade goodbye to seniors by the juniors.

3.Society will arrange the lectures to boost the curricular as well as extracurricular knowledge inside the college premises or outside, as the case may be.

4. Society will arrange study tours.

5. Society will plan for the publication of an annual magazine “WARSIAN”.

6. Last but not the least Warsian can plan any activity which it deem beneficial to imprint a healthy effect to their successors.